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Konica Minolta AccurioPress C83hc Color Printers
C83hc offers superb color reproduction using unizue High Chroma toner for enhanced performance. The wide color gamut of the AccurioPress C83hc can more closely reproduce sRGB color space than traditional CMYK toner.
SKU: AAC5011
MPN: AccurioPress-C83hc
Manufacturer: Konica Minolta
Availability: In Stock!
Condition: Brand New


High chroma toners emulate RGB colors
Match Pantone colors with one toner set
Powerful Finishing Options
Wide Variety of media options
Printing on media weights up to 350gsm
Envelope printing
High monthly duty cycle: 864,000 pages
In-Line,closed-loop quality management
Fast print speeds up to 80 ppm
Powerful banner printing up to 51'
Optimized printing on all type of stocks


GC501 - Konica Minolta GC501 Glue Chips
Bizhub GC-501 GLUE FOR PB-501
DV-614K - Konica Minolta DV-614K Black Developer
Black Developer.
DV614Y - Konica Minolta DV614Y Yellow Developer
Yellow Developer for bizhub PRESS C1060/C1070/C2060/2070/C3080 and AccurioLabel 190
DV614M - Konica Minolta DV614M Magenta Developer
Magenta Developer for bizhub PRESS C1060/C1070/C2060/2070/C3080 and AccurioLabel 190
DV614C - Konica Minolta DV614C Cyan Developer
Cyan Developer for bizhub PRESS C1060bizhub PRESS C1070, bizhub PRESS C2060, bizhub PRESS C2070, bizhub PRESS C3080 and AccurioLabel 190
SK-703 - Konica Minolta SK703 Staples (5,000 x 5pkg)
Bizhub SK703 STAPLES
DU105 - Konica Minolta DU105 Drum Unit
Drum Unit for bizhub PRESS C1060, bizhub PRESS C1070, bizhub PRESS C2060, bizhub PRESS 2070, bizhub PRESS C3080
TN621K - Konica Minolta TN621K Black Toner Cartridge
Black Toner Cartridge for AccurioPress C71hc
TN621Y - Konica Minolta TN621Y Yellow Toner Bottle
Yellow Toner Bottle Cartridge for AccurioPress C71hc
TN621M - Konica Minolta TN621M Magenta Toner Bottle
Magenta Toner Bottle for AccurioPress C71hc
TN621C - Konica Minolta TN621C Cyan Toner Bottle
Cyan Toner for AccurioPress C17h, AccurioPressC83hc
DV615C - Konica Minolta DV615C Cyan Developer
DV615C Cyan Developer for AccurioPress C83hc, AccurioPress C71hc
SK602 - Konica Minolta SK602 Staple Cartridge
SK-602 STAPLE FOR FS-504,FS-514, FS-517, FS-519 & FS-520 (5,000 X 3)
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