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Custom plant labels, flexible production saves time and costs

By using EFI products and solutions, zu Jed- deloh can now print on demand. Read how.

Fiery Color Profiler Suite new release

Fiery® Color Profiler Suite integrated color management software ensures the right color on every printed sheet. Now version 5.1 makes it even easier to use, and en- hances matching capabilities. See how.

Fiery Command Workstation 6.3 has something for everyone.

Learn about. the enhancements and changes in 6.3 designed to future-proof investments, and to provide a better usage experience.

Go with the flow:Fiery JobFlow new release.

Learn about the latest version that provides even more ways to automate job preparation steps.

Ask the community.

Find solutions, share indeas and discuss EFI products with our global comunity of experts. Learn more about EFI Communities!.

More for you on YouTube.

Did you know there's a wealth of information for Fiery users on the EFI YouTube channel? View how-to videos, customer testimonials, webinars, andall new content. Read more

Free 30-day Fiery software trials.

Try Fiery software free for 30 days to see how you can be more productive. Save time on complex document preparation with Fiery JobMaster. Automate compete more effectively using Fiery JobFlow. Print Correctly without wasting a click with Fiery Graphic Arts Package Premium Edition. And take control of imposition with Fiery Impose.

Fiery Color Profiler Suite new release

Prepare for the 64-bit future

Fiery Color Profiler Suite 5.1 supports 64-bit operating systems only. It is compatible with the 64-bit versions of Mac)S 10.11 and above Windows 7(SP1), 8.1 and 10.

Experience the powerfull profiling solutions now.

Download free demo of Fiery Color Profiler Suite.

A single shared interface for all Fiery Driven printers.

Version 5.1 of Fiery Color Profiler Suite integrated color management software has made color management easiers. Plus, it adds matching capabilities that compensate for the age of print systems. Then new release requires Fiery Command WorkStation version 6.3.

Verify color accuracy.

A new Verifier module improves consistency with Fiery Command WorkStation. It also streamlines and accelerates the verification process for cutsheet, high-speed inkjet, and textile print systems. Fiery Command WorkStation, it also streamlines anc accelerates the verification process for cutsheet, high speed inkjet, and textile print systems.

Automatically create Server Presets.

The Printer Match Module automatically creates Server Presets, making it easier for users to select the settings they need to match multiple print systems. The Server Preset will select the common gamut calibration and profile created in the Printer Match Module.

Get common gamult stability control

The enhanced stability control improves the ability to match mu.tiple printers over their lifetimes. This reduces the shared gamut of multiple Fiery Driven printers so that they can maintain color match over time. It also eliminates the need to reprofile multiple printers due to engine aging.

Gain support for intelligent color measuring

The new release now supports the Barbiery LFP qb spectrophometer, a high-precision instrument that offers the M1 measurement mode.

Fiery Command Workstation 6.3 has something for everyone

A single shared interface for all Fiery Driven printers

Version 6.3 of Fiery Command WorkStation - the print job management interface for Fiery servers - enhances usability further for Fiery servers running Fiery systemm 10/10e and above, and XF 7 and above.

Continuing the tradition of value to Fiery users, version 6.3 delivers new functions that are consistent with the latest computing and technology standards and trends. The enhancements and changes in this release are designed to future-proof your investment, and to provide a better user experience.

Enhancements for all users

Fiery Command WorkStation 6.3 is a native 64-bit application for both macOS and Windows platforms.

Version 6.3 fully supports HiDPI monitors.

Users can now go directly to the EFI™ online knowledge base, Smart Support, by using links in the Fiery Command WorkStation Apps and Resources section. From there, it’s easy to locate thousands of self-help articles, videos, and other resources on EFI products with just a few clicks.

Fiery JobFlow™ 2.5 is also available with Fiery Command WorkStation 6.3.

New features for cutsheet printer users

Users can export the information contained in their current Fiery Command WorkStation view to a text file, which can then be exported to applications such as Microsoft Excel.

The version of Fiery JobMaster™ included with Fiery Command WorkStation 6.3 significantly reduces the file size after assembling a job that requires page duplication, resulting in faster saves and job processing times.

Fiery JDF has been updated to version 1.6, which includes Sequential Print Queue support, APPE support at the job level, and media-level reporting.

Performance improvements for wide and superwide printer users

Fiery proServer and Fiery XF users with multiple servers connected, or who store hundreds or even thousands of jobs in Job Center, will see Command WorkStation launch at least 1.6 times faster.

Fiery Job Editor is now also more responsive, with average launch speed increases of 1.5 times to over 2 times, depending on the job type.

Go with the flow: Fiery JobFlow new release

Version 2.5 of Fiery JobFlow prepress workflow automation software is as easy to use as earlier versions, plus it adds more features that increase productivity and reduce costs. The new release is backward-compatible with Fiery Command WorkStation versions 5.8-6.2, and required for use with version 6.3. JobFlow 2.5 supports 64-bit Mac and Windows operating systems and Windows Server 2016.

New features for JobFlow Base

The Collect Exact Match module allows users to batch jobs in order to print the exact page count required. For example, if a business card run is always 24-UP and 250 sheets, JobFlow will release the job when enough business cards are received to fill 250 sheets. Fiery XF users gain support for step-and-repeat and nesting workflows, so they can customize workflows and action lists to improve production efficiency.

New features for JobFlow

The paid version of Fiery JobFlow also adds some advanced automation features.Master Variables, a new scripting feature: Master Variables are JobFlow Connect scripts that override settings of the Connect, Correct, Preflight, and Output modules. This allows users to customize workflows on the fly for specific jobs, without needing to use third-party tools. Examples of functions that can be overridden with Master Variables include changing stock, adding inserts, or changing between simplex and duplex based on labels, barcodes, or page counts. Users can also control quantity, color and IQ, finishing, and Fiery FreeForm™ masters. To learn more about Connect scripting, download the JobFlow Connect Cookbook (English only). EFI MarketDirect StoreFront support: JobFlow enhances EFI MarketDirect StoreFront (previously known as Digital StoreFront) capabilities with the ability to manipulate or fix PDF files while preserving the JDF workflow. Converting pages from color to black and white, adjusting document bleed, enhancing images, and removing layers from a PDF are just a sample of the capabilities.

Sell JobFlow now!

Download version 2.5 of Fiery JobFlow via Fiery Software Manager. Or sign up for a free 30-day trial of the full version at www.efi.com/jobflow.

Ask the Community

Find solutions, share ideas and discuss EFI products with our global community of experts. Digital support is getting smarter at EFI with the introduction of the more robust, integrated support platform, EFI Communities.

New EFI Communities features

• EFI Communities combines user forums and a knowledge base into a single site to enable collaborative, public discussion and access to thousands of technical articles.

• Best-in-class features include great search and mobile compatibility. Search knowledge base articles created by the EFI Support team, or search the user discussions happening on EFI Communities to find existing solutions to common questions.

• Log in to EFI Communities to ask your question, with answers provided by EFI and/or any knowledgeable person in a discussion thread.

• EFI Communities incorporates a “one Fiery” approach that covers all Fiery products, including self-serve, Fiery XF, as well as EPS and inkjet support.

Back to school

In the “World of Fiery” webinars, users will find free, detailed instruction videos on topics such as “The ABCs of Producing the Best Match for Spot Colors” and “Achieving Great Output Quality with Your Paper.”

Customers become the stars

In the “Customer Testimonial” section, Fiery users explain how they solved specific problems with innovative uses of the products. Examples include an industrial nursery that prints custom labels for plants, and a mail house in California that allows customers to create individualized postage. It’s a great place to get good ideas.

More for you on YouTube

There’s a wealth of information for Fiery users on the EFI Fiery YouTube channel. Long-time users who are feeling nostalgic may want to start on the home page, where you can take a visual train ride down the 25-year-long timeline track of Fiery innovations. The channel includes educational videos, tips and tricks, case study videos, new product information, and customer testimonials. Users who have already visited the site can still find new sections and new playlists. EFI expects to add new videos every month. We have been also improving subtitles. To find them simply click on the subtitle option at the lower right of the video.

Videos for every user’s needs

The site includes dozens of videos covering a wide range of topics, including “Calculate the value of efficient imposition” and “Getting your gray balance in check with G7.” That last one is part of the “World of Fiery” series, a collection of how-to videos. You can search by topic; or view one of their playlists, collections of related videos on topics like Fiery DesignPro and Fiery Impose.

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Custom plant labels, flexible production saves time and cost

One of the biggest tree nurseries in Germany, zu Jeddeloh in Edewecht near Oldenburg, produces up to 90,000 plants a day on a large area of around 250 hectares. The business, established around 90 years ago, has 190 full-time employees plus seasonal workers; and supplies an international market, from garden wholesale to corporate chains such as DIY shops and plant dealerships.

Find solutions, share ideas and discuss EFI products with our global community of experts. Digital support is getting smarter at EFI with the introduction of the more robust, integrated support platform, EFI Communities.

Unlike most tree nurseries, zu Jeddeloh has its own marketing department, which provides customers with plant labels, point-of-sale (POS) materials, and advertisements. Uwe Horstmann, responsible for labels and POS marketing, explained that zu Jeddeloh wanted to offer customized plant labels to all their customers, instead of just a few, and to have the label production more flexible overall with less waste.

New workflow for effective on-demand printing

To handle on-demand printing of the plant labels, the company installed EFI Fiery JobFlow. This enables zu Jeddeloh to create several workflows specific to their needs, increasing productivity and reducing costs. Fiery JobFlow automates job preparation steps, compiling the data for printing customiszd plant labels from zu Jeddeloh’s customer database. This involves, for example, product images, text in the desired language, customer number, item number, customer logo, and price. The workflow also creates barcodes. With the use of the EFI imposition software, EFI Fiery Impose, the data is prepared on a printable PDF layout to further optimize the printing process. “This is a unique solution,” explains Horstmann. “According to my research, no other workflow would have been able to map this. An important element for building our workflow was that the label data can easily be connected to our marketing database.”